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Extending the Life of Your Engine

Of all the essential components of your automobile, it doesn’t get more important than the engine. Not only does the engine provide power to the car’s various systems, but it charges the battery, which makes non-essential systems like the radio a possibility. Attending to the maintenance of the car, then, (especially the engine), should be one of the highest priorities for any car owner. Luckily, the team of professionals at Master Muffler is more [...]

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The 9 General Vehicle Systems

A modern car is a very complex machine made up of hundreds of constituent parts all working together in perfect harmony. When speaking about the primary functions of a vehicle, there are 9 general automotive systems that allow a car to perform all-around. Though each system interacts closely with one or more other systems, the duties that are carried out individually by each are very specialized and crucial to the performance, safety, and overall [...]

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The Evolution of Cars

When considering the technological advancements that would go on to change the world, the list is quite a marvel. Not only is it longer than one might expect, but every entry could arguably be named the most influential breakthrough in technology the world has ever known. Here’s a short list: The printing press (Johannes Gutenberg, 1440) The light bulb (Thomas Edison, 1879) Photographic film (George Eastman, 1885) The airplane (The Wright Brothers, 1903) Chocolate [...]

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Driving Tips for a Healthy Vehicle

Did you know that how you drive can impact the life of your engine? In fact, how well you treat your car from behind the wheel has a significant bearing you how well it runs and for how long. Poor driving practices can impact many integral parts of your vehicle such as the engine, transmission, brakes and more. Here are some tips from your auto repair experts at Master Muffler on what not to [...]

Are You Ignoring Your Car’s Important Warning Signs?

At Master Muffler, we understand that the times we live in can be tricky financially. Sometimes our scheduled plans like car maintenance are put on the backburner when funds are tight and every penny saved is important. We get it! But we also realize the important role your vehicle plays in your daily life. Whether it’s driving the kids to a place where they can get out while safely socially distancing, or taking a [...]

Still Haven’t Tuned Up Your Car? Now’s the Time!

We’ve all been there. One day our car is running smoothly and efficiently, somewhere down the line the vehicle starts running with a bit of trouble, but nothing you feel too alarmed about. Then, “out of nowhere” our vehicle has some major issues that cause it to run rough or not at all. With other stresses feeling up our lives, sometimes it’s our trusty transport that ends up not getting the regular attention it [...]

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Is it Time for an Oil Change?

Most vehicle owners follow one of three processes when it comes to changing the oil in their vehicles. Commonly, the yellow light may come on in their dashboard, warning the driver that the life of the oil has come to an end. Whether you’re one to refresh or change your oil before that warning light even turns on, or wait it out until your vehicle has reached well over the mileage number on your [...]

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Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

With gas prices down and temperatures on their way up—accompanied by the crazed groundhog days that are known as COVID-19—more and more people are turning toward scenic drives. Drives that signify life, spring is upon us, and these gloomy days of social distancing will soon be in our rearview. Before you take off on that spur-of-the-moment road trip or head out for the Oregon coast, consider a spring car maintenance checklist. Protect your family [...]

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How to Find the Right Mechanic

Mechanics, unfortunately, have the bad reputation of charging much more than is necessary to get your car back in working order, but the truth is that there are highly professional and trustworthy mechanics out there for you to do business with. Finding the right car repair specialist can be difficult, however, and the decision you make could either save you or cost you thousands of dollars. Here are some tips for choosing the right [...]

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Understanding Your Check Engine Light and What it Means

We all have experienced the dreaded check engine light. It seems to turn on at the most inconvenient times, like when we are trying to pass emissions and inspections. Sometimes it turns on for a day and then turns off the next. I’m sure you assume that it means that something is wrong with your car, but what? Normally it is a small fix, but sometimes your car is warning you that there is [...]

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