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Master Muffler West Valley is ready to address all your brake needs. We offer inspections, repairs, replacements, and aftermarket upgrades. Whatever your needs, we can get you in and out of our shop quickly with your car working correctly.

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Whether your brakes are worn and squealing or just need a tune-up, let us fix your brakes. We’ll have you safely on the road in no time.

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How Brakes Function

From the diver’s perspective, the brakes work when the brake pedal is pushed. Which, is true when your brakes are in good condition. Have you ever noticed times that you had to push your pedal harder or further in to stop than normal? To understand why this happens, it’s important to know a little bit about your brake system.

Here is the big picture: When you press on the pedal of your car, it compresses your brake fluid. This compression creates pressure that transfers the force from your foot through your brake assembly. Your brake assembly then transfers this force and pressure onto a piston which compresses onto a brake disc. As the brake pads clamp around the brake disc, they create friction that slows down your car.

If you are low on brake fluid, then the transfer of force from your foot to the brake disc isn’t efficient, so you have to press harder. If your brake pads are wearing down, then you might hear a high-pitched scraping noise, or if the pad has worn completely through, a grinding sound. It is important to have your pads changed before this happens because it can cause many problems that are much more expensive than simply replacing your brake pads.

Warning Signs of Brake Problems

Automobile brakes

It is undeniable that brakes are one of the most important operating features of you vehicle. While most procedures can be taken care of relatively quickly, it is much more important to ensure that your brakes are done correctly. The experienced technicians at Master Muffler West Valley will make sure your taken care of. Our fast and friendly service also comes with the assurance of having knowledgeable brake experts taking care of your vehicle.
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